By: Kryptonian Detective


It was obvious to anyone who saw The Dark Knight that it was a film that would garner attention during award season. Heath Ledger’s fabulous turn as the Joker virtually guaranteed the film some wins. That has been the case thus far. Heath Ledger won the award for best supporting actor at numerous ceremonies including the Golden Globes, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The film itself won the award for “Movie Stunt Ensemble. THE DARK KNIGHT won big at The People’s Choice Awards winning for favourite movie, action movie, cast, superhero (Christian Bale) and onscreen matchup (Bale and Heath Ledger).” The big awards show is yet to come, and Batman will be in contention for 8 Academy Awards.

The categories are:
• Best Supporting Actor (Heath Ledger)
• Art Direction
• Cinematography
• Sound Mixing
• Sound Editing
• Film Editing
• Makeup
• Visual Effects

Many fans, including myself, are livid that The Dark Knight was ignored in other leading categories such as Best Picture and Best Director. This reinforces my belief that “the academy” are a bunch of pretentious, self involved bastards, who raise their noses at a movie based on a superhero/comic book regardless of its quality. They prescribe to a philosophy I like to call “bore me, snore me.” In other words, if your movie doesn’t induce boredom or sleep, then it won’t be nominated. Furthermore, if your movie doesn’t feature an alumni from the film Titanic, or involve Nazi’s in some way, you can forget a nomination. If Heath Ledger does not win the Oscar for best supporting actor, that is a crime more heinous then anything committed by the Joker himself!
On a side note, if by some strange anomaly you have not yet seen The Dark Knight, or you would like to experience the greatness in IMAX one last time, the film has been re-released worldwide. (Source: Batman-On-Film)