By: Kryptonian Detective

Several months ago Warner Brothers announced the formation of DC Entertainment.  The sole purpose of this new branch of the company was to maximize the value and potential of the comics’ publisher’s library of characters in all different forms of media.  Since that announcement virtually no news has come from the studio, regarding specific plans for various characters, with the exception of Green Lantern, which begins filming in March.  News has now surfaced regarding the company’s two flagship characters, Batman and Superman. Ever since the release of The Dark Knight fans wondered how the studio could get Batman so right, and yet fail miserably with Superman. A recurring mantra amongst the fan boy community became. “They should just give every character to Christopher Nolan!”

Evidently, the studio has listened to some extent.  Preparation has begun on the third installment of the Batman franchise which the director re-launched in 2005 with Batman Begins, and its aforementioned follow up in 2008.  The next film in the franchise is being written by David Goyer and Jonah Nolan.  Hoping to hit the jackpot again, the studio has turned to the filmmaker once more in the hopes of getting the most famous superhero flying high on the big screen once again. Chris Nolan will serve in a mentoring role on the Superman franchise.  This next film will have no connection to the previous films.  It is very early in the process, so it is not clear exactly what role Nolan will play.  Although, it’s a pretty safe bet he will not direct given his Batman responsibilities.  Regardless of his role, Nolan will do his due diligence to bring the Superman film franchise back to respectability, and give the fans a comics to film translation the character or the fans, haven’t seen in years.

(Source: Deadline Hollywood)