By: Kryptonian Detective

As I write this the premiere of Smallville’s 10th season is exactly three weeks away on September 24th, 2010.  As many of you already know Season 10 will be the final season for the show. Before I look ahead and give my thoughts on the coming year, I must say that the past two seasons have been the best from a creative standpoint for the show. Season 9 in particular makes a strong case for itself in being one of the best in the shows history to date. This season more than any other delivers on the famous Smallville promise at the beginning of every new year, that Clark will actually take steps towards becoming the hero he is destined to become.  Season 9 features Clark in a version of the “Superman suit,” entering and furthering his romantic relationship with Lois Lane, and embracing his Kryptonian destiny.  The Superman emblem was everywhere in Season 9.  That was the show truly embracing the source material it is based on. This season also featured many great episodes.  The premiere when Clark aka “The Blur” saves a train full of people from plummeting to certain death. Brian Austin Green’s performance as Metallo was exceptional, and Callum Blue’s portrayal of Zod would make Terrance Stamp proud.  My favourite episode of the season has to be the two part episode/ TV movie, Absolute Justice featuring the Justice Society of America.

The episode introduced, explained and portrayed the JSA perfectly. The story combined with the special effects and action sequences, made this one great. But really, greatness is what fans have come to expect from an episode written by Geoff Johns.  Having said that, the season 9 finale “Salvation”, offered up two of the seasons best moments.  The opening of the episode, where Clark has a flash-forward of his future was a fan boy’s wet dream which I will not spoil, for anyone taking the wait for the DVD approach.  Also, the closing moments when Clark (spoiler alert) stabs himself with a blue kryptonite dagger and falls to what appears to be his death, to ensure Zod’s ascension into the phantom zone, thereby saving the world was truly heroic.  This scene has me truly believing that Smallville’s Clark Kent is destined to become Superman.

With all that in Season 9 what do they have in store for Season 10?  For starters the show will celebrate its 200th episode this season, which is a rarity in the modern age of television.  The producers of the show have promised fans that John Schneider will return as Jonathan Kent, while Clark’s cousin Kara/Supergirl will return as well, once again in the stunning form of Laura Vandervoort.

James Marsters is back as Brainiac, although the villain has been repurposed by the Legion of Superheroes, as Brainiac 5.  As if that wasn’t enough, it has been revealed that Darkseid is the main villain for the season.  From Lex, to Brainiac, to Doomsday, Smallville has always done a brilliant job of translating Superman’s villains, and I’ve always wanted to see Darkseid in live action, so that combination has me in eager anticipation to see what evil awaits Metropolis and its greatest hero.  Entering the show’s final season Clark Kent is on the cusp of becoming Superman; however 2 key ingredients are still missing.  The power of flight and a fully formed superhero persona are all that stand between Clark Kent and his destiny.  Finally, fans will see their favourite hero suit up and take flight as the end of the beginning draws near.