By: Kryptonian Detective

According to the self-proclaimed most trusted source in news CNN, Clark Kent will indeed wear the most iconic costume in comic book history on the May 13th two-hour series finale.  Series star Tom Welling acknowledges some fans displeasure over what they feel has been a long overdue event, but indicates that it was all part of the plan. “”The whole point was to try to elongate this journey or this transition that Clark has to becoming Superman.” Fans of the show will know that it’s predominantly a show about Clark Kent’s journey to becoming Superman, but are also aware of the behind the scenes politics surrounding the suit issue.  The decision stems largely from the shows creators original mandate of no flights, no tights, as well as Welling’s own reluctance to wear the red and blue costume.   Regardless of that, it appears fans will witness what’s been hinted and teased at for the better part of a decade, Clark Kent fully embracing his destiny as Superman.  Despite some of my issues with Welling in the past, I can finally see his Clark being Superman.  His comments regarding what he hopes fans will take away from the final episode say it all. ” I just want the audience to get the feeling of hope, and faith that he’s going to continue, and that he’s out there somewhere.” He finally gets it.  So, cue up the John Williams theme, throw that cape over your shoulders and fly up, up, and away, because on May 13, 2011 the series finale of Smallville looks like a job for Superman! (Source: CNN)