By: Kryptonian Detective

You know the saying don’t believe everything you read on the internet?  Well it’s true. Several months ago rumors suggested that Lois Lane wouldn’t appear in Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman film franchise.  Clearly, that’s all the notion was, baseless rumors.  The director and the studio, have officially selected three-time Academy Award nominated actress Amy Adams to portray Lois Lane.  Lois Lane is of course Clark Kent’s co work at the Daily Planet newspaper, and also serves as the love interest for Kent and his alter-ego Superman.  On the selection of Amy Adams, Snyder said; “There was a big, giant search for Lois. For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it.” The actress was most recently nominated for an Oscar for her supporting role in The Fighter, but has received the same nomination for her work in Doubt (2009), and Junebug (2006).  While I have yet to see these films, (I’ll make a point to now) this type of recognition leaves me with little doubt that Amy has the acting prowess to pull off the complex woman that is Lois Lane. This is clearly an inspired choice on the level of  Gary Oldman and Heath Ledger for their roles in the Batman franchise.

While most of the reaction to this choice has been positive, as always there are some who are displeased.  I have no issue when people are displeased with a certain choice, my problem is when said opinion is based on flat-out baseless and ridiculous reasoning.  So far the only two complaints I’ve read/heard is Amy Adams has red hair, and that she is older than Superman actor Henry Cavill.  Regarding the hair colour, there are these fabulous products that when applied to a person’s hair, can alter its natural colour to the preferred colour of choice!  As for the fact that Adams is older than Cavill, so what?  In the comic books Lois has been portrayed as slightly older than Clark Kent.  Also, the fact that Superman is Kryptonian allows him to age at a much slower rate than human beings.  I for one am glad Snyder, Nolan, and the studio chose based on acting talent, rather than just looking for the Hollywood hottie of the week. They tried that last time with the then 22-year-old Kate Bosworth, and that failed miserably.  Was Amy Adams my first choice for the role? No, but she’s a better actress then my first choice.  Besides Tom Welling was 24 years old when he began playing a teenage Clark Kent?  So why was age not an issue for Tom Welling but it is for Amy Adams? Double standard? I think so.  In my opinion Zack Snyder and company are 4/4 in terms of casting this film.  The Man of Steel starts filming in August for a December 2012 release. (Source: Hero Complex, Warner Brothers)