By: Adam Basciano

Is the Death/Return of Superman your favourite Superman storyline?  Have you dreamt of seeing it adapted into a live action movie?  Hollywood seems inept at doing so, but a YouTube user has.  A couple of mounths ago I saw a YouTube fan film from a user by the name of Kashchei 2003.  Using clips from various already existing movies, he brought Superman’s fatal battle with the monster known as Doomsday to life.

Following the source material, he has adapted the Funeral for a Friend segment of the storyline.  The combination of visuals and music, really calls to mind the emotions that were felt when reading the comic book for the first time.

This is quite the achievement.  This YouTube  user has created a more faithful and entertaining Superman comic book adaptation, with his computer skills and existing film clips, then a major studio and film director could.  And they had live actors, a script, a humongous budget, and state of the art visual effects at their disposal in 2006.  My hat goes off to Kashchei 2003.  I can’t wait for part 3!  Maybe Warner Brothers should give him $200 million and let him make this movie for real…