By: Adam Basciano

No, NBC has not announced plans for yet another spinoff series of the franchise set in the fictional city in the DC Universe, but if they ever did it would be far more appropriate in Batman’s hometown. The use of this title is due to the fact that a former “Law & Order” veteran has joined the impressive cast of Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot “Man of Steel.”  A few days ago Deadline reported that actor Christopher Meloni was in talks for a major role in the film. Given his age, and his look fans jumped to the apparently obvious conclusion that the actor would play Lex Luthor. However, the actor recently told Vulture that he would be playing a general in the film.  With the role of General Zod spoken for, the other famous general in the Superman comic books is General Samuel Lane, Lois Lane’s father.  No official word has been given if this is indeed the role Meloni is playing, but  it seems like the most plausible role.  It is also worth noting, that the actor shares a striking resemblance with the character as portrayed in the “Secret Origins” mini series. I doubt going from a detective to playing a general will be a difficult task for the Emmy nominated actor.

Deadline had another Superman casting exclusive up their sleeve, as they revealed that Julia Ormond is also joining the cast as Lara Lor – Van.  As Superman’s Kryptonian mother, the actress will work alongside Russell Crowe who will play Jor – El.  I don’t have much exposure to the actresses works, but she’s been in various films such as “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and Legends of the Fall.”  Like her co-star Christopher Meloni, Julia Ormond has a “Law & Order” connection.  She appeared on “Criminal Intent” for a six episode stint in 2010. “Man of Steel” begins production this August, for a December 2012 release.