By: Adam Basciano

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Ever since Henry Cavill was cast as Superman for Zack Snyder’s forthcoming film “Man of Steel”, fans have speculated what the iconic costume would look like this time around.   In terms of comics to film adaptations, Snyder is known for staying faithful to the designs of the comic books.  As the image above illustrates, Snyder has once again stayed true to that principle.  Wow! That’s the only word I can use to describe my thoughts on this image.  The material of the costume looks to be the same as the one used in the upcoming Spider – Man reboot,  “The Amazing Spider – Man”.  The Superman S shield on the chest is raised, and quite a bit larger than were used to, on film at least and the cape is long, very regal looking.  Some have said that the “underwear on the outside” look is gone.  While they certainly are nowhere to be seen in this image, it’s too early to say given Henry Cavill’s positioning in the image.  The more I ponder the costume, stylistically it reminds me a lot of the design for the costume used in the “Superman: Earth One” graphic novel.

The size of the S shield really stands out in my opinion.  It’s big, bold and powerful. It doesn’t look like some tiny Toys R Us stenciled stick on a la Superman Returns.  That brings me to the colors.  While the red and blue is darker than what Christopher Reeve wore, it is unmistakably red.  Darker yes, but not horribly so like that first image of poor Brandon Routh. There the red looked maroon, and the cape looked like a rubber shower curtain. One of the most exciting aspects of this image, is its context.  Superman stands in front of a busted up bank vault, possibly about to, or in the midst of a fight with the villain.  Whatever the scenario, this image has superhero action written all over it. In contrast, Bryan Singer chose to debut his Superman standing around posing, which is pretty much the equivalent of what he did in the film. (yes the more I think about it, the more that film leaves a bad taste in my mouth)

This is a great image to introduce the world to the new live action Superman.  Gone is Henry Cavill the actor, and standing in his place is Superman, the Man of Steel. Thank’s to this image the wait for June 14, 2013 became all the more agonizingly long.