By: Isaac Daniel Frisbie

This will likely be the shortest summary I will ever write.  My joke about it being the shortest ever will be longer than the summary itself.  Well maybe not, but we’ll see.  I’m not using the word or letter counter though.  Asteroids are landing around the world.  One of them has Supergirl in it.  Soldiers in robot suits arrrivie on the scene to fight her.  She keeps thinking she’s on Krypton, believing her current situation to be a dream.  She discovers her powers pretty quickly.  The robot guys have her beaten at the end and are going to take her captive, but Superman shows up to save her.

Ok, well it appears as though my intro paragraph was indeed shorter.  Oh well.  I honestly didn’t try to shorten the summary at all, I promise.  The funny thing is, I actually liked this first issue.  It wasn’t Action Comics #1, but did something different.  Little dialogue, lots of action, and great artwork.  I had one complaint, and that was Supergirl’s costume umm, ugh, yeah.  I thought the top was fine but the bottom underwear portion was maybe a little too revealing.  Strictly my opinion.

Who were the robots?  WHO CARES!!!  Supergirl was fighting robots!!!  And a lot of them!  I’m curious to see where this continues.  This felt really shortened but it definitely kept me hanging.  Superman shows up at the end and she’s sees her cousin for the first time, I’m assuming.  Despite DC stating that they were keeping many back stories in place, Supergirl has clearly been re-booted again.  I’m not gonna complain because another take on her origin is fine with me.

The artwork was quite good.  Not my favorite in the DCnU, but action scenes were plentiful and attention to detail was evident.  I wish I could say more about the comic book but not much happened besides fighting. The robot wearing soldiers did not want to kill her simply take her captive, so I suppose we’ll see what happens to the Maid of Might in upcoming issues.

Overall Grade 7/10