By: Jeremy M. Kossak

While Superboy thinks about life outside of N.O.W.H.E.R.E., we see a super powered couple going on a murderous crime spree at a gas station. Meanwhile, Superboy is panicking as he tries to keep himself from sinking further into hot lava. Superboy clears his head and realizes that his powers only work when he’s thinking about them. On his way out of the molten prison, someone is watching him. The scene changes to Red, Zaniel, and Rose as they evaluate their next move regarding Superboy and the alien prison (which is now all blown up). Superboy breaks through the crust of the Earth and intrudes on a couple making out (a different couple than the superhumans from the beginning). He decides to take the girl, Alison, home. She freaks out when Superboy flies her away and curses him out just before Superboy is attacked. It’s the “someone” that was watching Superboy from the volcano, a former prisoner of Pen 51. The prisoner fights with Superboy and tells him he’s an abomination and needs to be destroyed. Suddenly the prisoner screams out in pain and melts before Superboy’s eyes. Convinced he’s responsible, Superboy heads back to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to confront Red and get answers. Red gets angry and literally bursts out of her clothes and attacks Superboy. To be continued…

Literally bursts out of her clothes…down to her underwear…that’s what happens. Ugh. Maybe it’s me but of all the New 52 titles so far, this is one of the weakest. I do like the explanation of Superboy’s powers and seeing him figure out how to use them. Otherwise, I’m not into the story. I could care less about Zaniel and Rose. For the first two issues I actually cared about Red and wanted to know more about her. Then her clothes exploded. Weird. Oh, what in the world was the point of Alison and Tony? Did I miss something? First they’re getting hot and heavy in the middle of nowhere and then she’s leaving him to go off with Superboy? What about Tony? Ugh. I don’t care.

I like Silva and Lean’s art and I love the cover! My only complaint is the couple of panels where Superboy’s eyes are dots. Otherwise it’s consistent, unlike the story. I’ll stick with Superboy for now. I’m hoping for a payoff next month.

Overall Grade: 4/10