By: Ginger De Los Rios

Batgirl is seriously kicking Nightwing’s tuba on the exciting front cover, but why? Why? Why? Why? Is she playing hard to get? The stubborn girl who needs to prove herself? I think it’s a little of both.

When we last left Batgirl she was caught in Mirror’s trap and now, equipped with an earpiece so she can hear Mirror’s rantings. She only has minutes to get to the subway and save an entire train full of people. The intended victim is yet another innocent man who fell off the tracks and was saved by a Good Samaritan (As we saw in the last issue). So in Mirror’s opinion he deserves to die.

Batgirl is aware that she’s being over-confident – “How quickly our self-regard shifts, huh?” She realizes that Mirror is an empty soul who doesn’t believe in miracles. But she knows he’s wrong. That’s a big shift from the last issue when she told her physical therapist that she doesn’t believe in them either. But now she acknowledges that she is a living miracle and hopes that whoever is doling them out can give her another one.

There’s an awesome page of Batgirl landing on top of the train. Check out the in-joke graffiti on the front. ‘For a good time, call The Red Hood.’ Darn, no contact number.

Batgirl devises a plan to save the victim and she grabs him and orders everyone off the train. She tells Mirror that he can’t kill him now, because she’s there and she’s not supposed to die this way. She’s supposed to die by falling. However, Mirror is not an idiot. A bomb does go off…on the passing train.

“You forgot the Samaritan, still commuting in the opposite direction every morning.”

Meanwhile, Detective McKenna is stuck at home by Commissioner Gordon’s orders because she’s still mourning the loss of her partner at the hospital raid. However she has some tricks up her sleeves. It appears she’s investigating Batgirl and she may know her secret identity. Remember, she is furious that Batgirl botched the rescue, so she may be looking for revenge.

Babs goes to visit her father, and instead of spilling her guts she just dumbly admits that she misses him and wants to have lunch. He’s worried that she’s taking on too much too soon. Babs may be feeling ‘survivor’s guilt.’ He can’t eat with her, because they are investing a tip that Batgirl herself left them about Mirror’s hideout. He is now labeled a terrorist. I am still unsure if Jim Gordon knows that Batgirl is Barbara, and if he does, he may be pretending he doesn’t. The issue was skirted in this scene, but the look he gave in last month’s comic was priceless. I think he knows.

Batgirl sneaks to the impound yard to get back her Bat motorcycle and is greeted by Nightwing!! I was waiting for this reunion! He and Batgirl share a few flirtatious barbs and they ride out. Yeah, she really has it bad for him, and Dick is truly concerned for her just as her father is. He wants to help her take on Mirror. But she knocks him down and gets away.

Batgirl has a cute flashback to when they were teens. Dick Grayson was cocky, but kind. She couldn’t help but like him. They would always chase each other around using their acrobatic and ballet skills. I was right! She admits to still seriously crushing on him.

In the next few pages Batgirl and Nightwing spar again and he makes her realize that he and Batman don’t doubt her abilities. They only love her and don’t want to see her hurt. Batgirl gives him a lock of her hair (He was always fascinated by her red hair) and has trouble admitting she loves him back. She needs to fight Mirror alone. So Nightwing vows to leave her all alone. All I can say is…


But I know, this is Batgirl’s title. She needs to prove to everyone that she can take down the villains just like the rest of her bat family. But there is never anything wrong with asking for or wanting help – especially because Barbara’s condition could deteriorate if she’s not careful. Yes, I’m a worry wart just like Commissioner Gordon. So I hope Nightwing makes another appearance.

All in all, the artwork was terrific in this issue, though there might have been a little discrepancy in Detective McKenna’s coloring. She is very dark-skinned in this issue compared to the first where she was mocha-colored. I’m still getting used to Jim Gordon with flaming red hair vs. the white swoop I always loved on Batman the Animated Series and in other comics. But all that’s not a big deal. It’s the NEW 52, and we have to get used to it.

I really look forward to seeing this maniac captured. Something tells me he will have to meet his own violent end. Let’s just see if he’s brave enough to go through with it after snuffing out so many lives.

 Overall Grade: 9/10