By: Isaac Daniel Frisbie

I would have liked to give this a higher score but since one of my favorite trade paperbacks is the Jeph Loeb Supergirl intro I haven’t cared for this one as much.  I did like how in the second issue here they spent some time showing her relationship with a young Kal-El being on babysitting duty.  She clearly didn’t care for him in that regard but her familial bond outweighed that. 

We finally got to read some more dialogue and how Superman was trying to calm her down.  I thought she reacted a little strong by punching him and I don’t care for how they used that as a cover image as though it was what the issue was about.  I know there was fighting but is that how you want to promote it?  Then again they will promote what will sell the most comics, not them having a rational dialogue.

They finally settled down and he was able to communicate himself to her without her going completely ballistic.  He is able to talk to her about the great power that him and her have and how it’s important that they are wise with that.  It’s important that it shows him stressing something like this early from the get go.  It shows his character.

At the end we are given a hint of where the story is headed with the red (looks kinda orange) kryptonite.  It could also be some sort of knowledge crystal but we’ll see. I have to say I like Supergirl a lot as a character.  She is Superman without the sense of belonging.  My hope is that we stay away from what they did a few years back turning her into the bad girl with sun crystals that shoot out of her body.

The artwork I like quite a bit, which I think gives it a little bump in the rating.  I imagine I would have given this a 6 otherwise. I’m looking forward to see where this is going but so far compared to the Loeb/Turner Supergirl run, this is not as good.  Sorry, Supergirl!

Overall Grade: 7/10