By Matthew Rapier

The second issue of Nightwing picks right up where the first one left off. Dick is on his back with two broken ribs as Saiko stands above him. Nightwing throws out a quip about his suit being insulated as Saiko gets shocked with 150 thousand volts of electricity. Saiko has been hired to take out Dick Grayson for being known as “Gotham’s Fiercest Killer” and Nightwing just happened to be on the scene to divert the killers attention. Saiko puts innocent civilians in danger and Nightwing switches his attention to saving them while his adversary escapes. 
Dick comes back to home to change his outfit and almost immediately, Raya Vestri rings his doorbell to ask for a way to Atlantic City that night. They take one of Bruce’s jets and she reveals that Mr. Haly has requested to see him. The old man is dying and must see him in person before it’s too late. They arrive at what is known as the family warehouse with Mr. Haly waiting, connected to an oxygen machine. He has given ownership of the circus to Dick and reveals that he knows the true identity of Nightwing from watching his acrobatics growing up.
Dick and Raya have a fling on the way back, but their course is interrupted by a phone call on the plane. It’s Saiko and he is at the warehouse threatening to end Mr. Haly’s life early. He goes back, this time in all seriousness with no witty banter to throw at the villain. The warehouse is set on fire, but Dick exits with Mr. Haly as Saiko seems to be burned up in the blaze. Mr. Haly reveals that he gave away Dick’s identity as Nightwing and there is a secret about the circus that may get them all killed.
Kyle Higgins has wasted no time in moving this story forward for Nightwing’s first adventure in the relaunch. Dick has been thrown into heavy situations from the beginning and now has an even bigger issue at hand with finding out the circus he grew up in carries a dangerous secret. Saiko isn’t that original as far as villains are concerned, but he fits the role well enough here to give Dick a formidable challenge. Eddy Barrows is crafting some really great images to help make this story more interesting for me. His rendition of Dick Grayson reminds me of Tom Welling a bit, though it’s not necessarily a bad thing. He gets creative with the layouts of some panels in this issue and it gives the book a little something extra to enjoy.
Nightwing isn’t a must read title that will blow your mind when you’re finished reading. It is a title that is fast, action packed, fun, and just an overall solid read. This is a title that I think anyone could pick up and get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Nightwing is in good hands thus far!
Overall Grade: 7.5/10