By: Jeremy M. Kossak

The Terminauts strike! John Corben’s mind taken over! Metropolis in peril! All this and more in Action Comics #4! The story hits the ground running with Lex Luthor frantically running from John Corben, who has been taken over by the corrupted Metal Zero armor. Robots have assembled in locations all over Metropolis, including the factory where Lois, Jimmy, and Clark are. Clark runs off to make his change to Superman. At the same time, John Henry Irons decides to suit up and do his part. The robots, calling themselves the Terminauts, seem to have one simple agenda: preserve any artifacts and destroy everything else. This doesn’t sit well with Superman as he leaps into action and knocks out all robots in sight. The fight leads Superman to the possessed Corben who is attacking Lois and Jimmy. Corben summons more of the robot army who actually manage to overwhelm Superman. Help comes along in the form of Dr. Irons in his Steel Soldier armor. Irons gives Superman a chance to breathe, which doesn’t count for much when Clark notices what’s happened to Metropolis. A creepy snake-like creature has shrunken the city down and bottled it up…

Superman fights robots. Awesome. This issue is one big action fest from start to finish and I love it. Because of that, I don’t have a whole lot to say. The pieces are falling into place, for this story and the new version of Superman. When I saw the cover on the stands I was probably most excited for Steel’s debut. I felt pretty fulfilled with it in the main story as well as the backup. The slugfest between him and Corben (now Metallo) was great. Speaking of Metallo, I couldn’t help but laugh a little when he was attacking Lois. That scene made me think of the end of the movie Virus, look it up on YouTube. What I wasn’t expecting was Brainiac to debut so soon. I’m eager to see what is done with the character, he looks rather frightening this time around. I really enjoyed Rags’ art in this issue too. He did a great job with the robots, the action, and capturing the emotion with everyone. One minor complaint I have is that there are no comic book sound effects in the main story! I noticed this after my third read through. It’s not something I usually notice, this issue feels a bit silent without them. Otherwise, this was the most solid issue of Action comics yet. I’m excited for the next issue.

Overall Grade: 9/10