By: Ginger De Los Rios

Hey Super fans, I’m filling in for Isaac Daniel Frisbie on the Supergirl reviews until Adam tells me not to. :D I admit I haven’t followed this comic, but after reading Isaac’s last two reviews it appears I haven’t missed much, and dialogue was sparse. Goody for me, because now there is lots of it. So I will just take off from here.

The ‘shocking’ cover is a pure tease. Supergirl’s reaction to the news is more like a clenched grimace with a few tears. I am having personal issues with both Superman’s and Supergirl’s costumes. Never mind the missing red underwear. What is up with the high collar and metal armor designs? Are they Super robots? I always preferred Supergirl to wear the skirt, but I guess that’s too dated? Now Wonder Woman has even more competition in the high-rise underoo department.

I really like how careful and guarded Superman is when he tries to reason with her. The montage of him saving helpless earthlings was nicely drawn. There is something about this artwork, that while very modern in its design – the faded colors and the characters seem to reflect the fifties era. Whether or not it was the artist’s intention to keep it nostalgic, it is a cool touch. But maybe I’m the only odd fish who views it that way.


Supergirl is truly not prepared for this world. The poor girl is confused and heartbroken. On earth she’s like a troubled teen. I think deep down she believes what her cousin told her about Krypton’s destruction, but she needs to find out the truth for herself. However, I’m sure we will see Superman again, since he’s the only one who can communicate with her in their native Kryptonian tongue, and she needs his guidance.

When Supergirl returns to find her pod. She sees a smarmy looking gentleman named Simon Tycho. He talks to her through a hologram. Supergirl doesn’t trust him, and neither do I. It is his cosmic job to watch and recover whatever falls to earth, so no doubt he wants Supergirl. He had already recovered a special orange kryptonite from the pod in the last issue. Tycho plays a game of cat and mouse and Supergirl follows up to his space ship. Tycho is trying to figure out her connection to Superman. And he has a bit of fiendish fun testing her abilities as she explores his spacecraft. Tycho also has a loyal blonde secretary who constantly offers practical suggestions but gets ignored. She actually resembles an older Supergirl – there isn’t much difference in her hairstyle, colors, or facial features.

We get a glimpse of how powerful Tycho is when he talks to the president and calls the U.S. Government clowns. He basically tells him where to shove it. He has full dominion and first dibs over whatever lands on planet earth. He’s a 28-year-old trillionaire entrepreneur. Perhaps that’s a little nod to Mark Zuckerberg? Simon Tycho is like Supergirl’s version of Lex Luthor, only he may prove even more dangerous.

Meanwhile, Supergirl has gone into battle with a gelatin like substance shaped like a man and it’s called – ‘The brain.’ This brain is in its testing phases and basically all you see are a brain and veins, and the formation of sinews. She beats the Jello out of him and they crash into space. I wonder if Tycho will create another one, or if this one comes back, it may decide to use its brain and become Supergirl’s ally rather than foe.

 Supergirl tests her newfound X-Ray vision to find her pod on the spacecraft. Unfortunately, Supergirl has never been exposed to Kryptonite before. The story ends on a cliffhanger with Tycho’s evil grin.

 “I have your best interests at heart.”

 Based off this issue, I really like this title. The gals of DC are proving a formidable force with the New 52. Let’s hope they keep it up.

Overall Grade: 9/10