By: Jeremy M. Kossak

This issue begins with PGN bringing the readers up to date on the events of issue three. Jimmy Olsen and Miko Ogawa are being interviewed by police, separately from Superman, about the missing Heather Kelley. Kelley isn’t missing for very long, turns out she’s a guest on The Real McCoy show. This stuns police and clears Superman of any wrongdoings during the freak blizzard from last issue. Just as Superman makes a quick change to Clark Kent, he gets a call from Lois Lane. Lois nearly catches Clark in a lie regarding his whereabouts only to be lied to again to cover up the previous lie (pesky secret identity…). As Clark’s thoughts are read by the mysterious people from previous issues, Miko and Jimmy question Clark’s recent behavior to Lois. She manages to tell both of them, very nicely I add, to stay out of it. Jimmy and Miko leave, and Lois’s gears start turning when she examines the picture on her computer.

Clark does his best to hide on the set of The Real McCoy show before Jimmy and Miko are called on as guests. Kelley is already there telling Billy McCoy her side of the story. Off-air, Heather and Clark’s integrity are called into question, McCoy knows they’re lying. Clark isn’t given much time to explain when Heather begins speaking to him…telepathically. Somehow Clark, now as Superman, is transported to his old apartment. Not only that, but he’s face to face with all three of Metropolis’s menaces. Supes notices that all three are in his head, telepathically, and they all sound like machines. A battle ensues which catches the eyes of Lois and Perry who are watching the battle on television. The monsters appear defeated, but actually reform into insects intent on purging the Man of Steel. Superman demands to know who created them for them to respond: “YOU!”

If this review is too long, it’s only because there is so much happening here! So much, in fact, that I feel the need to re-read the last three issues. There’s a ton going on with Clark, Lois, Heather, and the rest of the supporting cast. The Kryptonian monsters may be front and center on the covers, but I feel the real story here is with Clark and what Lois may or may not be discovering. What about Heather? To what extent is she covering for Clark/Superman? Like I said, there’s so much going on, I feel like I’m getting my three dollars worth for this title. Jesus Merino really brings Metropolis to life with his art. I love the little details in the interrogation rooms, on the buildings, and everywhere else.  Did you catch the comic book store on page 7? Once again I’m liking the shots of Superman looking large and in charge. That new costume has grown on me. I need to get me an action figure of that!

Overall Grade: 10/10