By: Isaac Daniel Frisbie

This was an excellent comic, if you don’t count the first half.  I had a real hard time reading another origin especially since they fit it into a fraction of an issue.  My favorite all time origin was one of two.  I loved the animated series version because it gave a richness not seen too often in other forms.  Krypton was not this cold ice-like planet.  It had warmth.  The characters had depth.  My other favorite was the All-Star Superman origin.  Frank Quitely took what we all knew and summed it up in a single page.  Love it.  This felt disjointed, picking from other mythologies and piecing it together.  It wasn’t bad.  It just wasn’t that great.  I did like how Lara played a more important role than she has in other origin stories.  I also liked how it ended with the Anti Superman squad.  It appeared to have some form of the Legion and Superman after he gets his updated costume.  I’m excited for that.

But where the issue really shines is the Jonathan and Martha Kent story.  I haven’t seen a story this good since the Smallville pilot episode.  It dives into the beginnings of Martha and Jonathan’s marriage and their subsequent struggles.  Usually we just pick up where they’ve tried and then Kal-El comes along.  But here they go through trial after trial before something happens to them.  It makes you realize that their patience in trials surely had to have rubbed off on Clark.  My eyes moistened when they were sad, and I was surely happy when they came upon that little boy who the world would later call Superman.

It’s hard for me to rate something that seemed so bi-polar.  Moments of greatness and moments of such condensed filth it was a tough read to say the least.  I think DC needs to have a rule that says no new origin closer than 15 years. I will rate this title with two separate scores because they were two different stories:

Overall Grade: Main Story/Krypton Origin: 6/10 Backup Story/Ma & Pa Kent: 9/10