By: Matthew Rapier

Whatever happened to the Action Comics that Morrison and DC promised? Let me get this out first; I have absolutely nothing against the sci-fi elements being brought to Superman. In fact those are some of my favorite stories, when Supes flies out into space for days and has to thwart Mongul’s oppressive hand on Warworld. My only gripe with this issue (and the previous one) is that it deviates from the tone the first four books set in place.

I’m sure Grant Morrison will get back on track soon, but I finished this story and had a major headache.  This is one of the few books I picked up again a day or two later to read again because I had a hard time following it. I don’t know if it was because time travel is involved, if it’s just a Morrison book in general, or a combination of the two which is a perfect formula for me to end up scratching my head. I would pride myself on being able to follow things without much difficulty so now I’m left feeling like Bizarro.

From what I can gather, Superman’s ship is currently unable to function because the K-mineral has been stolen and is being auctioned off by a villain (unsure who it is to be honest) to a group of other villains (also unsure of these mean men and women). The Legion of Super-Heroes are helping Superman repair the ship while the telepathic Saturn Woman brings his mind in and out of the past while he battles a shape shifting alien named Erik who speaks in gibberish. The main point of the story seems to be showing a point that Clark finally meeting the Legion gave him hope of not being alone in the universe.

As much as the main story gave me constipation, the back-up feature was like a nice laxative to allow everything to finally come out. It was quick and to the point with enough time given to really show a piece of Clark’s life as he was growing up. You get a sense of his relationship with his parents and how good of friends he is with Pete and Lana as they bid him farewell to Metropolis.

The story from Morrison wasn’t particularly bad, just damn confusing. I can tell he is driving at something there, and the art is very nice to look at with Andy Kubert making things understandable in the visual category. The back-up story is equally strong in writing and art, so kudos to Sholly Fisch and ChrisCross for saving this issue.

Main Story: 5/10

Back Up Story: 10/10