By: Isaac Daniel Frisbie

I love how this starts out with Superman launching himself off the vaulted truck bed and the friction tears his shoes apart.  He’s out in space with the oxygen mask, for which I’m grateful for because Superman should not be allowed in space without one.  They’ve always used the arguments that he can hold his breath for a long time or something dumb.

 The Brainiac intro was really awesome.  That he has multiple identities on different planets is a cool concept.  Here on Earth he’s known as the internet.  I’m going to have to get rid of my computer after I’m done with this review. I thought when Superman put on the Kryptonian outfit it was really unique. I loved that it transformed into the new 52 outfit. Then he starts tearing into the ship that he’s on and Brainiac is revealed!  At least I think he was.  It was some dude and some brain looking thingy.  So it turns out it was Metal-zero but still, like that technical language I use?

 I was really let down at the end because I wanted more!  Why must these be so short?  So few pages!  Oh well.  I’ll just complain a lot and then vow to stop reading comics, or burn my collection.  I mean, those are the stereotypical complaining methods aren’t they?

Overall Grade: 9/10