By Adam Basciano

“There is a malignancy in Metropolis that is ruining the city, and its name is Superman! The aliens who have been attacking The Man of Steel these past few issues unite to purge the Earth of Superman! The worst part? The people of Metropolis seem to agree with the aliens!” (DC Comics)

From people I’ve discussed this title with, Jeremy M. Kossak and I seem to be in the minority of people actually enjoying it.  My enjoyment of this title started eroding with this particular installment.  Last installment brought readers an interesting cliff-hanger.  Superman was engulfed by the three Kryptonian monsters and according to them, he was responsible for them.  This issue on the other hand, felt like a regurgitation of the first 4 issues. Police race to the scene of a disaster, Superman fight’s a fire/ice entity, and there is public uncertainty where Superman is concerned.  This book continued the same old same old feel, by having Superman go all Punisher on Metropolis.  No offence, but we’ve all seen Superman mind controlled, on an evil rampage.  I understand with comic books some concepts will repeat, but the whole idea of the New 52 was new concepts and new stories.  Yet, it only took this creative team 5 issues to go back to the same well. There were two small bright spots in this story for me.  The continued use and importance of the secondary characters, and the references to past Superman creators.

The writing/story is what it is but Nicola Scott was the superhero of this issue, with fantastic art. Her close-ups/splash pages of Superman were just incredible.  No matter how many times I see angry Superman, he always comes off looking pretty kick-ass! My favourite image of Superman with heat vision blazing around him goes to Michael Turner, but Nicola Scott’s rendition is right up there.  Other pages worth noting include, Superman caught up in a cyclone and Superman adrift in space.

This issue wasn’t terrible, it was just mediocre. I’m more disappointed by the fact that this is really the first piece of work by George Perez I didn’t like.  I guess there really is a first time for everything. I’m hoping they can turn this around and end this story on a good note.  However, this issue has me eager for the creative team change with issue #7.

Overall Grade: 5/10