By: Isaac Daniel Frisbie

“Supergirl’s nightmare is finally over – she has left Earth and has somehow made it back to Argo City! But it’s not the home she remembers, and a deadly new adversary stands in her way. Enter: Reign!” (DC Comics)

I really liked this issue.  Kara goes to an empty Argo City and fights Reign, some Rastafarian girl.  One of the things that they did previously with Supergirl was they dragged her down too much into personal problems.  I understand making characters relatable but she was too bogged down.  She had a great intro with Jeph Loeb, but things went downhill from there.

This has been a great comic and very underrated, in my opinion.  The personal turmoil that Kara is going through feels real and raw.  Espescially when she breaks down and cries about her Father being killed in the hologram recording. Her fight with Reign was a little weird.  She’s winning.  She’s losing.  Then she gets a sword stuck into her cape.  Would’ve been cooler if Reign would have just stuck her in the chest.  She’s a world-killer.  She kept talking about her insatiable desire to destroy, yet she pulls her punch on a Kryptonian she doesn’t even know?

I liked the artwork in this quite a bit.  Again the scene where she’s wicked mad about her Father dying was pretty freaking sweet.Here’s to hoping we see more of Supergirl, and I don’t mean less clothing.

Overall Grade:8/10