By: Jeremy M. Kossak

I can’t believe that after 10 years of Batman Beyond being off the air we’re still getting comics based on it. All the recent comics have been fan-demanded and don’t disappoint. Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 is actually a collection of comics that have been distributed digitally. While I do enjoy reading comics on my iPod (occasionally) I had to pick this one up in print. The first story really feels like an episode from the series. The teen drama of Terry’s life is palpable. Just like the animated series, that drama bleeds in to Terry’s life as Batman. He just doesn’t know the extent of that yet. It seemed a bit convenient to reveal that Dana has a brother. That was something that was never shown in the cartoon. However there were several episodes that introduced random one-off characters, so I’ll forgive it. The Jokerz were a group of punks in the cartoon. They were never really a threat. They were around to give Batman something to beat up and pass along to the authorities. This story puts them front and center. This isn’t just Terry’s story either. Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon (Barbara) have a nice moment that shows their reaction to the Jokerz situation.

The second story is all about the JLU! Fans of Batman Beyond should know exactly who this League is. They’re a tribute to the original Justice League. Some of Terry’s other rogues are shown in this story. Ghoul, Dee Dee, and other members of the Jokerz gang war with various thugs who were spliced. The terrorist group Kobra seems to be the main threat. I’m happy this book was released. I was excited for it when I first read about it, but when I read it I wasn’t as impressed with it as I was hoping. I’m sure the next issue will change my mind about the series. I’ll stick with it for now. If you’re a fan, check it out. Like me, it’ll make you want to watch the cartoon again.

Overall Grade: 7 out of 10