By: Jeremy M. Kossak

The crossover with Teen Titans continues! Superboy is head to head (literally) with Titans’ member Solstice. There’s a bit of trash talk before Superboy takes her out. After the fight, Superboy decides he’s had enough of Templar. Superboy can’t confront him yet, because he has his hands full when Supergirl shows up! She makes contact with him and sends his mind ablaze! Superboy suddenly has visions of a world he never knew: Krypton. Superboy learns a lot about Krypton’s destruction in a flash. He also learns to speak Kryptonian! Supergirl also learns about Superboy, his powers, and that he’s a clone. She screams “Kon-El” and knocks him into space! She then knocks him back to the Earth, hitting him as they fall. Superboy has no idea about the clone experiments Supergirl mentions, or the apparent war that took place on Krypton. Supergirl protects Superboy from an attack by the authorities and takes her leave. Superboy is left with more questions than answers. Finally Superboy can return to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to confront Templar. Unfortunately he’s not home, but Rose Wilson is…to be continued.

I’ll admit, I didn’t read Teen Titans #5 so I missed that fight. It doesn’t seem to matter too much though. This issue caught me up to speed, all I need to know is happening in Superboy anyway. I may have missed something about N.O.W.H.E.R.E. If that’s the case I’ll go back and check it out. I like a good mystery in my comics but this is getting ridiculous. I would like to find out something more about Superboy. There’s a great potential for story but nothing is getting resolved. Usually at this point, we’d get a character revealing his or her sinister motives, their plan, or at least some secret. I’m not seeing much of that here. Superboy’s powers are growing and we get to see more of what he can do. That’s cool, but this series shouldn’t be just about his powers. I learned more about Krypton than anything with Supergirl’s brief appearance. That made me smile, especially with the inclusion of a clone war. That made me think of the John Byrne written “World of Krypton” miniseries. It’s good to know that DC editorial didn’t scrap everything he did. Supergirl’s appearance was brief, and didn’t seem very necessary. Don’t get me started on the costume, the only thing I like about it is the S (reminiscent of the Superman Blue costume). Silva and Lean’s art has grown on me since issue 3, the Krypton scene and the scenes in space were great! Hopefully we’ll get more resolutions next issue!

Overall Grade: 5/10