By: Adam Basciano

“Ollie takes to the streets of Metropolis as Green Arrow, and when things get a little out of hand it’s good he has a super-friend like Clark around.  While their boys play cops and robbers, Chloe and Lois make a disturbing discovery.” (DC Comics)

The television show had a knack for translating other DC superheroes.  The shows portrayal of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow made me a fan of the character, thus seeking him out in the printed form.  Green Arrow is heavily featured in this issue of the Smallville digital comic.  Along with the Emerald Archer comes his cocky confidence and wit that was made famous by Justin Hartley.  There’s just something entertaining about watching Green Arrow  almost beat 11-1 odds with his array of trick arrows, before Superman appears to thwart a surprise attack. I enjoyed the friendly verbal sparring between Oliver and Clark once they had thwarted evil.  Equally enjoyable was Chloe and Lois comparing notes about life in a relationship with a superhero.  It’s good to know that marriage hasn’t changed Chloe. She and Oliver were supposed to be headed to Star City, yet Chloe is too committed to her duties at Watchtower, specifically helping Clark decipher that disturbance in space from issue one.

The third times the charm in terms of art for this issue.  I actually have no complaints this time around. The rendition of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and Chloe join Lex Luthor, as being near spot on renditions.  The artist seems to be getting into a comfort zone drawing Lois and Clark, as their look is vastly improved in this issue.  Also, it’s worth pointing out that while Superman saving a space station is more heroic, the shot of Superman saving Green Arrow looked more heroic than the aforementioned scene.  Facial expressions and character positioning make something relatively minor look quite impressive.

This issue builds off the strength of last issue.  With this issue the main cast of characters from the show have gotten significant “screen time” over the first three installments.  So far the series has been more dialogue/character driven with small bits of action woven in.  However, I suspect the action beats will start to pick up, with the revelation that some one or something is headed to earth as a result of the event in space.  This is the most complete chapter of this incomplete episode thus far.