By: Jeremy M. Kossak

What is the measure of a Superman? I’m not sure, maybe about 6’6’’? We do find out the measure of Supergirl when she swoops in to save William McCoy from being dropped by “Superman”. She demands answers for his drastic behavior, but only gets an intense blast of heat vision as a response. A spectacular fight ensues before Lois, in her office, cries out for Superman to stop. Her cry gets a reaction from Superman and he stops hitting Supergirl. It’s also enough to bring the real Superman to his senses. Yes, there are two of him. The fake is beating Supergirl to a pulp, the real deal is stuck in space. Lois was able to communicate to the real Superman through his phone in his costume. The fake “heard” her via the psychic link he created. The link is strong enough to operate both ways to give the real Man of Steel the edge he needs to turn things around. He does so by accessing the impostor’s memories. We finally learn its origin, and the connection it has to recent events in Action Comics. Back on Earth, things look bad again for Supergirl and Metropolis. An air strike has been ordered and the Mayor is about to be escorted from the city. Just before a final blow, a familiar blur rips the fake away from Supergirl. The real Man of Steel is back and declares that this is a job for Superman! Superman and his doppelgänger fight in the Arctic. During the fight we learn what the creature was trying to do out of survival. Superman delivers a mighty haymaker, reducing the fake to dust.

Yes! It’s been way too long since I’ve seen Superman be so super! Let me say right now how jealous I was of Adam for getting to review issue 5, it was a great comic. I am grateful for getting to review this one, I was looking forward to Supergirl’s appearance. It paid off nicely from Superboy #6, which I also reviewed. Getting back on track, this issue alone was solid and action packed. The whole last act of this storyline was awesome! I really enjoyed how it tied into Action Comics and teased issue 7. I’ll admit I cheered a bit on pages 13 and 14 when Superman came back and took charge of the situation. I would love to have that shot of Superman on page 14 as a poster except…y’know…without the impostor there. That brings me to the art. Nothing against the next team, but I am going to miss Nicola and Trevor Scott’s art. I love their penciling and inking. The emotion and intensity almost makes the fight jump off the page. During the battle, I found myself making my own sound effects for Superman, and Supergirl. This title has a fantastic all-star creative team and I can’t wait for more!

Overall Grade: 10 out of 10