By: Jeremy M. Kossak

We’re getting a bit more bang for our buck this month as a new Superman Beyond story is included in Batman Beyond Unlimited #3! Half the issue is spent on the future Superman making the JLU, while the Batman story is a bit shorter. The art is amazing in the first feature. A lot of care seems to go in to making Superman stand out on the page, despite being in black and everything  ;) . Superman shows a lot of emotion (and age) in his face. The scene in the Fortress was really neat. I wasn’t impressed with the story. If you’ve read previous appearances of future Supes you know what to expect here. Superman questions his relevance, doubts himself, and wonders if he should leave Earth. Actually, that makes me think of another recent Superman story. But my memory is a bit fuzzy on what it was…(Thanks a lot, Flash!)* The only thing I found interesting was Lucinda. How will she cross paths with Superman?

The art throughout the rest of the issue is consistent with the previous two issues. The art in part 3 of the Trigger Man is on par with the cartoon show. The story is brief, but there’s still enough time to care about Dana’s situation. That’s a bit weird for me since I found Dana a bit annoying at times on the cartoon. The art in the JLU story remains a bit…off. Barda and Superman both look too thin. A little more light is shed on Kobra’s plans. Ancient books, mythological serpents, motherboxes, oh my! My favorite part in this story was the one caption where Amanda Waller tells Batman that his story is best told over a cup of tea. This is clearly a reference to the Justice League Unlimited episode “Epilogue”, from the end of season 1. This time out I’m going to rate each feature individually. It’s tough to give a single grade to three separate stories.

Overall Grades:

Superman Beyond: 7/10

Batman Beyond: 8/10

JLU: 7/10

*Yes, that was a Flashpoint joke! See you next month!