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By: Adam Basciano

The Man of Steel announcement trailer is in theatre’s in front of The Dark Knight Rises, and has since made its way online.  This teaser trailer is very reminiscent of the teaser for Batman Begins.  That teaser featured a voice over, short snippets of Bruce Wayne’s childhood, his travels around the world, and a quick look at Batman at the end.

Similarly, Man of Steel features a voice over from Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner), scenes of a young child in a familiar red cape, Clark Kent working at a boatyard, and a spectacular glimpse of Superman flying at the end. If Man of Steel ends up anywhere near the quality of Batman Begins I will be overjoyed. For those of us who were lucky enough to see the comic con footage, we get a better sense of what this film has to offer.  As an announcement trailer, this preview does exactly that. It let’s audiences know that Superman will be back! Come on, how can you not get excited seeing Superman fly like that!?