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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Lucy Lane is taking being forgotten by Clark pretty well. She jokes about it with Lois, who ended up picking her up from the train station. Meanwhile, Superman is being attacked by unknown characters on gliders. They call him “it” and “The Superman”. Superman strikes back and flies into space only to be blasted back down to earth. The next moment, he wakes up at the Daily Planet as Clark. Jimmy comes by and talks about a manhunt on Superman. Clark finally realizes he’s dreaming, wakes up, and spits out the insect creature put there by Helspont. Superman demands answers and Helspont tells Superman about his exile from the Daemonites. After some exposition followed by fighting, Superman comes to the conclusion that Helspont had his exile coming. Helspont tries to convince Superman to join him, which was the purpose of the “bug”, but is unsuccessful. Superman finally takes him out and flies off. Back at his apartment, Clark realizes that he’s two for two. He forgot that Jimmy was going to stay with while his apartment was fumigated.

The story in the last two issues weren’t very strong. I was not interested in Helspont at all. I felt this was a forced way to introduce him from Wildstorm into the new DCU. There’s a little setup here for something to come later, but I have no reason to care for it. It’s a shame, I like Giffen and Jurgens’ plotting. It’s good to see Dan doing pencils on Superman again and I’m very happy Jesus Merino is still doing finishes. As I’ve said before I love what he does to Superman’s new armor. There was decent stuff with Lois and Jimmy but not enough. The exposition could have been cut a little to give more time to the supporting characters. The full-page splashes were great and the fight scene was pretty cool. Otherwise it wasn’t strong. There just wasn’t a lot of depth to this issue. George Perez (whom I met at C2E2!), did a fine job with the last arc. Here’s hoping next issue is better.

Overall Grade: 7/10