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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

All the stories in this issue of Batman Beyond Unlimited are very short and predictable. I can sum them up pretty quickly. In Konstriction, Terry gets a Bat-suit with a cape. The JLU go to New Genesis, find out what happened with Kobra’s serpent monster, and then travel to Apokolips. The Trigger Man concludes with the Russians trying to deal with Mad Stan. Batman cuts in, stuff goes boom, and Batman gets bitten by a dog. The Superman Beyond story shows more on Lex’s daughter Lucinda. Lex hates on Superman and Lucinda decides to carry out Lex’s dream to kill Superman. It’s a shame these are too short and without much character. I liked seeing what happened to the New Gods, but there’s no reason to care. Speaking of, Lucinda could have been more interesting. Instead she becomes typically one-dimensional. So she wants to kill Superman because she found out she’s a Luthor. Where’s the progression? Where’s the emotion? Not here.

The one story where there is some emotion is in the new feature: Beyond Origin. Here we get the origin of Warhawk, future son of John Stewart and Shayera Hol. Events of Starcrossed and Once and Future Thing from Justice League and Justice League Unlimited are briefly recapped (if you haven’t watched those episodes, go check them out! Jeremy recommends them!).  There’s a tragedy that, if given one more page, could have had more of an impact. All in all I think I’d enjoy these stories if they weren’t so broken up. Collecting the digital tales this way just doesn’t work. I certainly don’t feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

Overall Grade: 3/10