By: Isaac Daniel Frisbie

“A powerful new alien foe bent on the conquest of mankind is crushing New York City beneath her boot heel. But where is Supergirl, who led her to Earth in the first place? Why, she’s trapped on a meteorite that’s plummeting straight into a blue sun. And she’s lost her powers! So, good luck, NYC!” (DC Comics)

It’s hard to judge this from a single issue.  I like where the story is going but Reign just feels like another forgettable bad guy/girl.  Nothing stood out about their brawl but the artwork was well done, especially in the action sequences.  Kara’s flashbacks do not provide enough info to really analyze too much.  She was training with some kind of robot, then she’s being counseled by her parents telling her how strong she is.

Reign keeps trying to tell Kara that their two worlds are interconnected. I feel as though I just read her origins and I think they should have just jumped into her life, instead of re-treading her origin. What I liked about the issue is the potential for her character.  The writers are walking a fine line right now between the morally upright Supergirl of ages past, and the rebel that can’t fit in.  I think they need to pick a direction.  Maybe make her chaotic neutral.  Where she is at now isn’t going to resonate with readers for long.

Overall Grade: 7/10