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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

The case of mistaken secret identity continues as all of Metropolis believes Spence Becker is Superman. Superman confronts Anguish and uses her emotions against her by breaking her locket. The enraged Anguish unloads on the Man of Steel and tells him all about her life. She then flees to bring harm to the Becker family. Vic Barnes, the dirtbag reporter who thinks he knows Superman’s secret identity, arrives at the Becker’s for an interview. Anguish arrives to cause trouble but Superman puts a stop to it. He shows her the locket, which is now repaired. He offers to help her but she vanishes. All ends well for Superman’s secret identity when Spence is seen with Superman, forcing Vic to take back his story.

The case of mistaken identity was a little funny. Anguish seems like someone who should be important. Otherwise, this issue was a bit boring. I enjoy seeing more of the Daily Planet staff and I love Dan Jurgens’ Superman in action. But where’s the drama? The end has a setup for a new story which I hope delivers. It’s sad that I’m not impressed with Superman right now. He’s my fav’rit!

Overall Grade: 5/10