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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Terry’s origin as Batman gets a little tweak this month. This “Legends of the Dark Knight” tale starts out as a usual story of a guy who has it all, until he gets involved with Wayne-Powers. Then it becomes a story of redemption, one I wouldn’t mind continuing. It’s a good change of direction from the Mad Stan story. The Batman Beyond story was the right length.

The Superman Beyond story was again too short. Lucinda sets out to continue her father’s work and continues to be a boring character. I love how Superman’s costume is drawn though (and I love the action figure!). I don’t like how he keeps thinking he’s outdated. I get it, Superman isn’t what he used to be, can we move on now?

I enjoyed the conclusion of Warhawk’s origin. It’s mostly a lot of information without dialogue. Despite that, I think it adds to a character that was otherwise a future version of Hawkman. I think an origin of the future Green Lantern Kai-Ro would be better, since he differed the most from his JLA counterpart. Eric Nguyen’s art is awful though. Three stories work better in one issue than four. Issue 5 was certainly better than last issue.

Overall Grade: 6/10