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By: Adam Basciano

Man of Steel Banner

Around American Thanksgiving, Warner Brothers launched a campaign to promote “The Dark Knight Rises” Bu-Ray release.  As fans participated in a countdown for the release of the Batman film they were promised exclusive content from “Man of Steel”.  Many fans speculated that it would be our first official look at Michael Shannon as General Zod.  The exclusive content has been revealed, and is a poster for the film featuring Superman (Henry Cavill) being ushered away in hand cuffs courtesy of the army!

Man of Steel TDKR Reward Poster

I personally like this poster because it’s something we’ve never seen on a Superman poster!  Call me crazy, but we’ve seen the poster of Superman with his hands on his hips. We’ve seen the poster with Superman flying upward.  We’ve seen the poster of Superman holding Lois and hovering over earth.  Last but not least, we’ve seen the poster of just the S shield.  This poster features a variation of a scene featured in recent Superman origin stories.  Whether it be “Birthright”, “Secret Origin,” “Earth One”, or even The New 52 “Action Comics.”  Upon his arrival, the government/military has been uneasy towards Superman.  For average film goers, a.k.a the people this movie has to impress the most, seeing this poster may generate curiosity as to why Superman’s in handcuff’s, thus getting them into the theatre.  This poster gives us another look at Henry Cavill as Superman, and he looks the part. It also increases my anticipation for the new full length trailer for the film, which will be released with “The Hobbit” on December 14!