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By: Adam Basciano

Superman #11 Cover

“A powerful and violent being from a different dimension has been mistakenly brought to Earth – and only SUPERMAN can stop it! What is the true nature of SUPERMAN’S costume?” (DC Comics)

The cover and solicitations indicate that secrets about Superman’s new costume would be revealed.  Guess what? That doesn’t happen.  There is one little mention of the costume, and it’s something we already knew. Despite not living up to what was promised, I liked this issues.  A lot of that has to do with this book gaining connectivity and cohesiveness over the last 3 issues.  The previous two story lines were all over the place, not really feeling like the same title.  This issue carries over themes and story points from the last two issues, feeling as though it’s part of a larger story.  Jurgens continues to showcase the hectic life of an investigative reporter.  The scene at the restaurant where all their cellphones go off, signals that a reporters job is never done.  There’s a great bit of inner monologue, where Superman comments on the prejudice with which aliens are regarded with by authority figures.  While Lois and Clark are not romantically linked and despite Superman’s relationship with Wonder Woman, there are still feelings judging by Clark’s initial reaction to Lois’ boyfriend at the restaurant.  Lastly, the alien villain; I’ve lost count with how many Superman has fought over the course of these 11 issues, but this one seems to be the most formidable.  Strong, fast, and able to cut Superman! Superman seemingly has no answer for his latest foe.  You know what would improve this book overall, if this barrage of aliens were actually connected and served a grater purpose in a later issue. How about that?

Superman #11 - News Never Sleeps

Dan Jurgens and Jesus Merino drawing Superman is like looking at a picture of a good memory, it just puts a smile on your face.  For the most part, they’ve captured a new aesthetic for drawing Clark Kent in the New 52! However, in this issue Superman is more classic Jurgens Superman more often then not.  He had the same blast from the past moment Jim Lee did in Justice League #10.  Jurgens is the master of drawing Superman flight take offs. I get awe-struck every time.  The alien villain looks like a mishmash of different alien designs, so there’s nothing really fresh about his look.

Once again this was a decent opening to another 2 part story.  Unfortunately, it seems as though I seem to review a solid opening, and Jeremy reads a lackluster conclusion.  Hopefully that trend will change, and we’ll start to see lengthier story lines that are strong from beginning to end.

Superman #11 - Another Random Alien

Overall Grade: 7/10