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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Superboy #8 Cover

Superboy and Grunge fight. Grunge sends Superboy to the floor and tells him that he is preparing Superboy for the Culling. This makes Superboy unload a drop kick on him. The blow sends Grunge to the floor snapping his neck. Superboy thinks he killed him, but the thug gets up and puts his head back together. Superboy flashes back to the one reason you should buy TT #7 then gets his head bashed in by the enemy of the month. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. ends up under attack and Rose comes face to face with Solstice of the Teen Titans. She tells Rose that she doesn’t have to have Multiple Personality Disorder, she can fight for good. Superboy decides that the only way to beat Grunge is to go all Super Saiyan on him to rip out his implants. Superboy is then in the clutches of Harvest, who talks about the Culling and some other stuff before the issue ends. Oh, Terra and Beast Boy are there too.

Superboy #8 - Superboy goes Ballistic

I’d like to get excited about the Culling. This is one crossover I don’t care about at all. Read Night of the Owls instead. That’s how a crossover is done! This whole series is no character, all fights. I like fights, but I also like character and the drama that comes from it. I don’t feel any of that here or any reason to want to read the comics that will tie into the upcoming crossover.

Overall Grade 3/10