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By: Matthew Rapier

Batman & Robin #9 - Cover

Night of Owls has been building in the regular Batman title since the beginning of the New 52 and the story is flowing over into the rest of the bat-family books. So far the issues have all contained a connection to the main tale, but have been accessible as stand alone as well. Batwing, Robin, and Batman each find themselves at odds with a member of the long hidden society of Gotham. Batwing has taken a step out of his normal setting to make a trip to Gotham and gets caught up in the mayhem that threatens the city. Even when seemingly defeating the foes, there is a looming sense that things are only going to get worse.

Batwing #9, Batman & Robin #9, and Batman #9 are all strong and interesting issues in this Night of Owls crossover. With a story line crossing over into a high number of books as this has been, there are bound to be some missteps between one title to the next. Batwing and B&R have a great interlocking scene that helps give the sense that even though each hero is out on their own, the same thing is still happening all around them.

Batwing #9 - Cover

You can’t ask for much better in the writing department when you have Judd Winnick, Patrick Gleason, and Scott Snyder. Winnick often draws mixed reactions from fans, but I think it’s a lot of unfair criticism.  Anyone that gave Batwing a chance from the start of the New 52 can see the great work he’s been doing in that book. Gleason and Snyder are easily at the top of writers currently at DC so their work here is a satisfying effort as always.

Marcus To, Greg Capullo, Lee Garbett handle the art duties and I think Capullo outshines the others with his work in Batman. It reminds me of a more detailed version of Batman the animated series with an even darker edge to it which fits right along with the madness brought about by the Court of Owls. I miss Patrick Gleason on Batman & Robin though. He’s always been a favorite from his days on Green Lantern Corps and it will be good to see him back.

Batman #9 - Cover

The first big crossover in the New 52 slowly gained it’s momentum  before  exploding deadly owls everywhere in Gotham City. The books have been solid being layered with action and good storytelling all round. Night of Owls will likely go down as one of the most memorable bat-stories of all time.

Overall Grade: 8/10