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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Superman #12 - Cover

Lucy is upset again at Clark for standing her up, but that is only because he is held captive! That’s right, the creature from last issue has Superman in his grasp. But the trap can’t hold our hero. He breaks free and lets his armor recover. Superman thinks the portal the creature is opening is to bring invaders to Earth. Quite the opposite! Superman finds a translator and learns that the creature wants to go home to his dimension. The creature was attacking his captors in self-defense! Superman believes the creature should answer for his crimes; the creature believes Superman should know what it feels like to be stranded on a strange world. Everything is almost copacetic, but a nuke is on its way to blow up the Russian facility. In the nick of time, the captive alien returns home. Superman leaves the destroyed facility and goes back to Metropolis. He concludes that he really should enjoy life more and try to have fun. Clark surprises Lucy at Lois’ place and they head out for some bungee jumping. They strap up at the Bogdanove bridge, hold hands, and leap off!

Superman #12 - Escape just in Time

I love the reference to Jon Bogdanove! But does this mean Superman won’t be so uptight in the DCnU? He’s been way to serious, it’s about time Clark learned to lighten up. Other than the “life lesson” of the month, this issue didn’t feel very original. Superman has crossed paths with creatures such as this before. I think it would have been more interesting if Superman and the alien were allowed to connect on what they had in common, being “stranded” on a different world. The fight, overuse of internal monologue, and everything else just felt forced. It’s a pity really, I want so much more with this title. Instead it’s the same old song and dance. Hopefully Superman’s new outlook will lead to something cool. I still love Jurgens on art duties. I’ve always loved his Superman. However, I don’t think his art works for the New 52 version we’re presented with.

Overall Grade: 5/10