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By: Adam Basciano


There are many things that led my friend Dave and I to starting up this website!  For me a driving force was my re-entry into the comic book reading world with my first title, Superman/Batman written by Jeph Loeb.  I have every single issue of that series and for the most part, enjoyed most of the story arcs. That was probably the only title I was sad to see go, as DC Comics began paving the way for the New 52! After teasing fans by putting out a book called World’s Finest, featuring the Earth 2 female relatives of these iconic characters, DC Comics has finally made things right in the world of comics.

Batman - Jae Lee

Starting in June, writer Greg Pak (World War Hulk/Planet Hulk) and artist Jae Lee (Before Watchmen: Ozymandias) will present Batman/Superman, an all-new ongoing title featuring the New 52 adventures of the world’s finest superheroes!  This book will definitely have a new flavor, not just because we’re dealing with a brand new DC Universe but because unlike the Jeph Loeb book, this title “will show these two icons meeting for the first time at this very early and raw stage in their careers,” Pak says. “Neither one of them has ever heard of the other guy.”  The writer also insinuates that some of the conflict will spring out of the reaction the two characters have to each other. “What would your reaction be if you saw a guy running around in a bat costume in the dead of night attacking people for the first time? And what would your reaction be if you met an alien who could crush steel in his bare hands for the first time?” the writer says. “These guys are going to have very different immediate impressions of each other than we’re used to seeing with these characters.”

Superman - Jae Lee

Consider this book on my pull list! You can bet that I’ll be reviewing this book when it hits comic book stores! My two favourite characters in one book, a new Superman movie and Scott Snyder and Jim Lee working on a new Superman book….2013 is starting off right!

Source: (USA Today)