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By: Adam Basciano

The Return of Superman

Almost two full years ago, I decide to highlight a YouTube fan film of sorts that recreated “The Death of Superman” and “Funeral For a Friend” storylines. User Kashchei 2003 continued his formula of using existing film clips, and what no doubt amounts to quite a bit of editing skill and technological wizardry to complete his trilogy with “Justice”, an adaptation of  “The Return of Superman.”   Granted he’s altered the actual story, with this feeling just as much like the origin film for the DC “Trinity,” but the spirit of the “Return of Superman”  storyline is very much present and respected.  Check it out:

Superman/Doomsday: “Justice”

I have a huge amount of respect for Kashchei 2003 for doing this.  His talent and work are very much appreciated.  He gave vindication to Brandon Routh as Superman, and reaffirmed my disdain for Bryan Singer’s piss poor derivative effort in 2006!  What the heck, to this point he’s made the most exciting, action-packed, emotional Superman live action film I’ve seen! With news and speculation of Warner Brothers mounting a Justice League film, this definitely whet’s the appetite!  PS: Stay tuned after the credits for a Marvel Studios style tease.