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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Batman Beyond Unlimited #6 Cover

The endgame has begun for Superman! Unfortunately, it seems like there isn’t much characterization left for the older Man of Steel. He’s still lecturing Officer Walker about how his way of fighting crime is the best way to justice. I liked that story in Kingdom Come but it’s getting a little played out here. Otherwise I really enjoyed this chapter of Superman Beyond. The fight with Grundy was awesome and the stakes have been raised to an all time high. Superman’s narration and expressions really made me think that this could be it for him. Thankfully he has help, thankfully he has Batman!

Moving on to the JLU story, I can’t praise this chapter enough! I loved learning about what happened to the New Gods since “Destroyer” (the last episode of the JLU animated series). I would totally accept this as the next chapter of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World mythology! I found Bruce’s history with the New Gods to be amusing. The drawback is that Terry is made to be even more of an outsider. I’d like to see him more in on the action.

Finally, it’s Batman vs. the Jokerz! There isn’t much to the tale this time around. I like the way Terry intimidates the Joker goons and how nurturing he is to Dana. Otherwise this is just more setup. Where’s the action? Where’s the payoff? There’s a war coming, let’s get to it already!

Overall Grade: 7/10