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75 years of Superman

Today officially marks the 75th Anniversary of Superman, 1938 – 2013! Over the 75 year span there have been many different incarnations of the Last Son of Krypton in comics, television, movies and video games. These different incarnations of the character have definitely split the fanbase down the middle. Wether we prefer certain interpretations over others, there’s no denying that each interpretation has added something to the legend, the icon, the tapestry that is Superman! Fittingly timed with this milestone is “Man of Steel,” the new film. Here’s the third trailer for the film, showcasing emotion, breathtaking visuals, fast paced action, and most of all re-establishing Superman as a beacon of hope!

If that’s not enough to hold you over until June 14 you can play as Superman and battle superheroes and super villains in the video game “Injustice: Gods Among Us.” Also don’t forget to check out Kal-El’s comic book adventures both new and classic. Happy 75th Anniversary Superman, the first and greatest superhero of them all!