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By: Adam Basciano


Over the years of perusing YouTube, I’ve found some very well put together fan edited videos.  When it comes to videos that pertain to Superman and or Batman, if it really catches my eye I like to spotlight it here on the site.  Have you ever wondered what Bruce and Selina have been up to in Italy since the closing credits of The Dark Knight Rises? YouTube user That Crafty Kid has come up with their version of events, featuring frolicking fun in Italy, a proposal, a return to Gotham City for the wedding, and flash forwarding to a time where Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne enjoy the company of their daughter! This video is extremely well-edited and put together.  The clips and song choice fit together nicely.  I really enjoyed this video, mainly because it lines up with my version of what was in store for the couple in the future, expands on the happy ending teased for Bruce at the close of The Dark Knight Rises, and falls somewhat in line with Earth 2 DC Comics continuity. Enjoy…