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By: Sam J. Rizzo

This past Saturday (10/19/13) marked the start of shooting on the “MAN OF STEEL” sequel tentatively titled BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN. The filming this past weekend involved the shooting of a college football game between Gotham City University and their arch rivals Metropolis State University. The scenes were filmed during halftime of the East Los Angeles College game against Victor Valley College at Weingart Stadium. Zack Snyder, director was indeed on hand for the filming of these scenes, but none of the principles actors, neither Henry Cavill (Superman) or Ben Affleck (Batman) were on hand for the filming of these early scenes. Main principal photography is set to begin in February. Here is the look of each of the teams official jerseys:

BvS Football Jerseys

Footage of extras as the commenced filming has also popped up on YouTube. To check out the footage from some of the extras in the crowd at the filming of these scenes, click on this link below.

(Photo Credit: BATMAN-NEWS.COM)