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By: Adam Basciano


The CW’s television series based on The Flash has dominated the articles on our websites for the past little while.  Well, it’s time to shift our focus to another corner of the television DC Universe. That would of course be “Gotham,” the upcoming Fox television series that serves as an origin story for the Batman characters. The first official casting announcement has been made. “Fox and Warner Bros. TV have tapped Ben McKenzie to star in “Gotham,” casting the (Southland) alum as a young version of DC Comics famed Commissioner Gordon.”


The more I reflect on this choice, the more I really like it! While I’ve never seen “Southland”, I take comfort in knowing that the actor has played an officer of the law before.  My main exposure to his work, was The O.C. (I watched it mostly for the hot women) I liked his performance in that quite a bit. Jim Gordon needs to be honest, likeable, yet tough, heroic, and carry some baggage with him. He also need to be able to bend the rules on occasion, where Batman is concerned, but that’s not until later! I think the actor can pull all that off in spades.  Ben McKenzie also has another Batman connection.  He voiced The Dark Knight himself in the DCU Animated Film “Batman: Year One.” Ergo, Batman is Gordon, and your mind has just been blown.  While I didn’t think the actor was a vocal fit for Bruce Wayne/Batman, I can’t wait to see what he does with the role of Detective Jim Gordon.

(Source: Variety)