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By: Adam Basciano

Batman V Superman - Dawn of Justice

Recently we learned about the existence of a Superman statue on the set of “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” We now have an explanation for the presence of that statue, and no, it doesn’t involve Doomsday. Apparently, the film ” takes place about two years after the events of “Man of Steel.” Gotham and Metropolis news trucks and helicopters were on the scene to cover the Mayor’s speech and the statue unveiling. Elementary school kids wore “Superman Survivors” shirts and helped pull a sheet off the statue for the big reveal. They also released real doves to celebrate statue unveiling.” Speaking of those news trucks, here’s a shot of them sided by side;

Gotham & Metropolis news trucks

Now, ever since it was announced that this movie was happening, it’s been obvious that this film and these characters would exist in a connected shared movie universe.  However, the first official picture of Ben Affleck featured Batman alone with the Batmobile, we have yet to see Henry Cavill as Superman from this film, and Gal Gadot filmed solo scenes as Diana Prince.  None of the main superheroes have been photographed together on set.  When I saw the Gotham and Metropolis news truck together, it finally hit me….the light bulb in my head went off…. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the DC Comics characters exist in one cohesive film universe!….Finally!  I was so excited it was like having a fantastic set of boobs in front of me! Ok, so that may be a little much for some, but I had to find a way to properly convey my excitement at this revelation!

(Source: Batman-News)