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By: Adam Basciano

The Penguin

The Batman film franchise has long been associated with actors who have won, or been nominated for am Academy Awards.  “GOTHAM” with its most recent casting addition, will continue the trend on the small screen. Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin, as played by Robin Lord Taylor, will play a prominent role on the series.  He’ll have a member of his family with him as well.  Academy Award nominated actress Carol Kane (no relation to Batman co-creator Bob Kane, or Bruce Wayne’s mother Martha Kane), “is joining Fox’s Batman origin tale in the recurring role of Gertrud Kapelput, the mother of Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin.” The actress was nominated for an Oscar for her leading role in “Hester Street” (1975). She won a Prime Time Emmy for her role on “Taxi” (1978).  Recently, she’s had roles in television series ” Anger Management” and “Girls.” As a character the Penguin’s mother played a part in the comic book mini-series “Penguin: Pain & Prejudice.”  Whether the producers actually use any of this story as inspiration remains to be seen.

Carol Kane

Musically, Batman has had several great composers add their talents to the mythology.  For the Burton/Schumacher era of films, from 1989-1997, Danny Elfman and Eliott Goldenthal  were charged with putting music to the action.  From 2005-2012, James Newton Howard & Hans Zimmer were given the task.  On television, Shirley Walker defined “Batman: The Animated Series” with her themes.  Of course, who can forget the 1966 “Batman” theme by Neal Hefti. Now, Graeme Revell, who created the scores for comic book films including; “Sin City”, “The Crow” “Daredevil,” and “Spawn”, will give the city of “GOTHAM” it’s own musical heart-beat.  No doubt, his music will add to the mystique of this famed fictional city, that is home to one of the greatest superheroes and the craziest supervillains the world has ever known.

Graeme Revell

(Source: TV Line, Film Music Reporter)