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By: Adam Basciano

Gotham Arkham 01

With Gotham being just over a month away, we’re seeing promotion for the series increase.  We know Hugo Strange will play a role in the series, and that his origins will be linked to Arkham Asylum.  Courtesy of the website Batman-News, we have our first look at GOTHAM’s Arkham Asylum.  It looks appropriately, run down ominous, and creepy! I especially love that the lettering on the signage on the gate, matches with the comic book and animated series.  It really is the little things that make my geeky heart happy.

Bruce Wayne on set - B V S

Moving to Metropolis, and the big screen adventure involving Bruce Wayne.  Outdoor filming continues to take place in Detroit. This week they’ve been filming a car chase scene.  Naturally, some scenes involve Ben Affleck’s stunt double, but here we see Bruce Wayne himself rolling up his sleeve getting ready for superhero action. I tell you, when I see that first image of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent together sharing a scene, I’m going to cry man-tears of joy.