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By: Adam Basciano

Batman V Superman - Dawn of Justice

For the past several weeks celebrities and non celebrities alike, have participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This movement started as a way to raise awareness and funding for ALS, a terrible disease we know little about, for which there is currently no cure. Several actors who have played superheroes, have taken the Ice Bucket challenge, as well as donated money.  “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” cast and crew members have taken part. Director Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne/Batman), and Gal Gadot (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman) have all been involved. Now Henry Cavill and Amy Adams have joined in, however, they performed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in their Superman and Lois Lane Wardrobe. Check it out:

If you can we encourage you to donate, to this charity or anther charity of your choice.

(Source: Cruel Films)