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By: Adam Basciano

Jesse Eisenberg

Since he was cast, Jesse Eisenberg has said little of his role as Lex Luthor in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” He recently talked to Total Film, who asked him about the role.  He said as a kid he didn’t read comic books and even intimated that he hasn’t really watched the recent bevy of superhero movies being released.  However, he now understands their appeal and fan base, given the quality of story, acting talent, and professionalism involved in making this film. However, since getting the role he has read some comic books, and even watched one of the Superman films featuring Gene Hackman. Regarding his version of Lex Luthor in this film. Eisenberg stated; ““There are some indications of how the character should behave based on the script, and then an actor makes it his or her own. I got to know one of the writers Chris Terrio, and we were able to discuss things at length and figure out who this person is to create a real psychology behind what is, perhaps, in a comic book, a less than totally modern psychology. I can only say I’ve been asked to play an interesting role. A complicated, challenging person.”

B V S - Clark Kent in Gotham

More photo’s of the Gotham City Jail set location have found their way on the internet. This time we see Henry Cavill on set in full Clark Kent mode. He somewhat resembles Tom Welling’s version of the Clark Kent disguise in this picture. The main difference being that Henry Cavill is a far better actor then Tom Welling in general.  This picture is capturing history. This is the first time ever in a live action film that Clark Kent has been in Gotham City.  I get chills just thinking about it.

(Source: Total Film)