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By: Isaac Daniel Frisbie


What can be said about this show? Much.  Many.  Mucho.  Gotham has found its home on Fox and thanks to the capable hands of show runner Bruno Heller, it will likely last awhile.  I would provide a summary but that’s not my style.  Want a synopsis.  Google the synopsis.  I’m here to tell you why this show is going to rock.

Gordon Grabs Penguin

Acting: I can’t say enough about the acting on this show.  Each actor gives you a character that stands out.  Just like the animated series from the 90’s, each stands out on their own.  Bullock, Mooney, Cobblepot, Nygma, Gordon, Pennyworth, Wayne, and the list goes on.  These names may sound familiar and that’s because they have pulled heavily from the comic book and given each character a bit of a twist with how they fit into the Batman Universe in this incarnation of the Caped Crusader’s story.  My standout for the show was Oswald Cobblepot, otherwise known as Penguin.  He was portrayed wonderfully by Robin Lord Taylor.  He’s so slimy and repulsive, and you see this vacuum in him because of the power he desires.  He will bow to any that are in his path and given the right opportunity, cut them down.  I was also really impressed by Ben McKenzie’s performance as Jim Gordon.  Although a bit bi-polar in this episode, I did enjoy seeing him be the calm and reposed Gordon, and the I’m out to provide justice” Gordon.

GOTHAM - Selina Kyle

The plot: Now I will admit pilots are hard to pull off and make well.  This was the weak point of the episode.  It’s hard fitting character development and story development, with a sense of cohesion in a pilot episode.  It felt clunky and forced at times .  We get this is a Batman based show, but you don’t need to ham fist every Batman character into the first episode. This time could have been better used to develop other main characters.

GOTHAM - rooftop screencap

The setting: There’s many different versions of Gotham that I’ve seen and the sets were extremely well done, the background was designed with a lot of detail.  It felt timeless.  Cops with hats and trench coats.  Cars looking older and not conveying a brand endorsement.  It felt a little like the animated series art deco style.  Too many cop shows show shiny new Expeditions or Suburban’s and this show didn’t do that, so it didn’t feel like I was being bombarded with a car dealership they blended in.

Gotham - pilot - Bullock

Am I hooked? Certainly.  I want to see more Bruce and Selina (who stole the beginning of the show).  The show is in the very able hands of Bruno Heller, who has run “Rome” and “The Mentalist.”  For anyone worried about the ratings, don’t be.  It will continue to increase. This isn’t a run of the mill show that Fox likes to cut.  WB has a vested interest in keeping this show running for a while, so there will be much influence to keep it running.

Gotham - Alfred consoles Bruce


Rating: 8/10